TRIUM was founded in 2016 in Barcelona with a team of creative people linked to the world of design with the leitmotiv of creating timeless, simple and feminine everyday jewelry.

We bet on an effortless style with a touch of trend to create collections in constant change. We are inspired by the women around us, comfort and simplicity.

The commitment to quality is one of our fundamental statements. We create our jewelry mainly with 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold, semiprecious stones and zirconia gemstones. Selected materials that go through a strict quality control.

Guiding us by the mantra of affordable luxury, understanding that quality and price need not be at odds. For this reason, we want to approach the exclusive designs of real, modern women who prioritize quality as a fundamental value in their daily lives, creating different and minimalist pieces of jewelry.

"All our jewels tell something about your own story"